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Any doubt the staff is able to give you precise answers and give you a hand on the technologies most suited to your needs.

You can SAVE the

    • Up to 65% of the expenditure incurred for “Near-zero Energy Buildings” (nZEB);
    • Up to 65% for heat pumps, boilers and biomass appliances, hybrid heat pumps and solar thermal systems; 

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Through the Restructuring Building you may have a refund up to 50% of the amount spent in 10 years.

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Through the heat account which involves replacement of the old boiler, it is entitled to a refund of up to 40% of the amount spent in 2 years.

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Risparmiare si può attraverso gli
Those who can apply for the new Thermal Account’s incentives are:

  • Public Administrations, including the former Autonomous Homes Institutes, the cooperatives of residents registered in the National Register of Cooperative Housing Societies and their consortia established by the Ministry of Economic Development, as well as publicly owned companies and social cooperative societies registered in their respective regional offices;
  • Private subjects.